This all-in-one system is perfect for on-the-go vaping! Features include multiple oil pods, a sleek vaporizer, a USB-C charging cord and a discreet charging case. AirBuds will literally take your vaping experience to the next level!

Easy to use and fits your on-the-go Lifestyle.

Featuring Multiple
Oil Pods.

Sleek Vaporizer.

Discreet Charging Case.

- HighTimes Magazine

This is the perfect pen if you have an affinity for oil.

Our most advanced ceramic heater design represents revolutionary change. With an ultra-high firing temperature of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit (800 °C), allowing over 100 million micropores to evenly distribute across the oil supply area which results in 2.4 times more capacity than other ceramic heaters out there and allows for accurate temperature controls. Plus you'll see 35% faster oil transfer speeds!

Reinventing the Vaping Experience.

Combining innovative style with cutting-edge vaping technology, the AirBuds device allows users to enjoy their favorite oil products all day long without running on empty.
With an improved ceramic heating element, the vaporization efficiency of this device is unprecedented. It saves 20% on battery consumption because it heats up and delivers vape quickly!
With a higher TPM (Total Particulate Mass), you can expect more robust flavor and longer-lasting effects without any annoying burning or harshness that many other devices suffer from after just one quickdraw.
Enjoy your favorite oils without sacrificing taste. The structural design of AirBuds will ensure you're getting 30% higher oil transfer velocity and full vaporization, which results in great flavor!
Immerse yourself in a Lifestyle that's truly like no other with AirBuds.
The AirBuds Discreet Charging Case is a perfect balance between an exhilarating lifestyle design and high-fidelity vaping technology. With its sleek and discreet shape you can take the AirBuds anywhere.
The sleek and stylish AirBuds vaporizer is the perfect match for any lifestyle, whether you're out exploring the world or just enjoying the day!

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